About Us

Florist, Flower shopInspired by the love of flowers and a passion for decoration and gardening, Rosa Solis started Classics in Flowers almost 30 years ago.

It immediately became the neighborhood flower and gift shop where customers came to send or pick up a unique arrangement, a trinket or something for their home or garden. The staff knows exactly what each of their customers want, and will go out of their way to give you exactly what you're looking for. This is the service to expect from Classics, every visit.

Using nature and lush gardens as inspiration, our custom arrangements and bouquets feature only natural materials in unique, new, and vintage containers.

With the addition of the bakery and tea room in 2012, you can now enjoy freshly baked pastries and food while shopping, host a small event or gathering and meet friends for a drink or a meal in our vintage inspired dining area surrounded with fresh flowers and lush plants.

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